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Zack Childress complaints – Mobiles are an important part of technological growth. Mobile apps are on the rise and they are used across all industries. Real estate advertising too can be done by using mobiles, differentiating it with cutting-edge mobile technology. Zack Childress, a world-level real estate entrepreneur and speaker, briefly explains the strong points of using mobiles for real estate marketing and then he talks about the essentials for real estate marketing through mobiles.

Mobile devices act as a central listing platform

Few mobile apps load data with just the keying in of the MLS id or the property name. So, the particulars of a property can be viewed across millions of mobile devices by using a few simple steps. Not just this, the information loads  in just a few minutes, saving time.

Zack Childress complaints

Agent hiring

With the boom in the real estate industry, an increased number of people want to establish their careers in the real estate sector. They start brokerage firms for which they need to recruit. They can use mobiles for the same.

Create a unique name for brokerage

Brokerage startups want to create a distinct name for themselves in their farm areas (specific areas where agents want to develop their business). They can use the power of mobiles for this. Brand campaigns on mobiles enable brokerage firms to come in front of millions of prospective clients.

Open house promotions

Open houses can be conducted using mobiles. These are not only beneficial for marketing homes but also help in gaining clients for brokerages.

Requirements for real estate marketing through mobiles

Websites must be mobile optimized

Normally, people tend to use websites which adapt to the size of the device used to view them. This is easier. If they are not mobile optimized, then using them can become clumsy- zooming, pinching and scrolling just to see what is on page. So real estate websites must be designed in responsive format.

Mobile advertisements must provoke immediate audience response

Mobile ads must be localized, containing calls-to-action, keywords and images which provoke instant responses from the buyer persona. Otherwise it’s difficult for the real estate market to thrive. Zack Childress complaints

Mobile messaging

Mobile chat is a great channel for real estate agents to communicate with clients. It enables clients to feel more comfortable as they are communicating through the same medium which they use with their friends and relatives. Mobile messaging helps agents to save time in sending responses to their clients. It enables multitasking. For example: If an agent is attending a phone call, he can simultaneously send a message to his client over the mobile

Mobile amenities

Landlords must arrange a framework for mobile payment and complaints. Outlets must have more of mobile accessories like

  • USB chargers
  • keyless entries
  • mobile connected thermostats.


From this article by Zack Childress, it can be seen that mobiles play an important role in real estate marketing. We have also read about what is crucial for real estate marketing through mobiles. So, mobile designers, developers, real estate agents, landlords, buyers, sellers and others must ensure that these requisites are met.

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Zack Childress Real Estate and Mobiles
Article Name
Zack Childress Real Estate and Mobiles
Zack Childress -Mobiles are an important part of technological growth. Mobile apps are on the rise and they are used across all industries.

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