Zack Childress Pitching to Investors and Acquiring Funds

Zack Childress Pitching to Investors and Acquiring Funds

Taking up the position of an entrepreneur, you might have to pitch your business idea.  You are pitching your business idea to investors or venture capitalists.  That particular juncture happens to be the most crucial moment of the career that you are beginning.

Money is also very essential to kickstart your business smoothly.  Also, it is vital to mention that the suitable strategic partners can make the company rise to dizzying heights.

On few occasions, you have just ten minutes to prove the worthiness of the business, and you have to brace up before making the pitch.

One aspect for which importance is to be given is the rehearsal part of the pitch.  Many people think that pitching is very easy. But, when they land up in the meeting, they find that they are stuck in a quagmire.

You have to brace up yourself for an upcoming meeting with investors.  One has to take into account some points before making an effective pitch.

Understanding the audience

  • Homework is one important aspect before communicating with your investors. You should understand the investors’ role to a great extent and should carry out extensive research. You should also see in what ways their backgrounds are related to your business. By this they will gain more confidence.
  • It is a well-known proverb that first impression is the best impression. You would be dressing neatly for various occasions.  The same importance to dressing has to be given when going for a pitch.
  • One should not get into a pitch without having a clear idea of the numbers. These are in fact the things that the investors will question you. Also, they want the answers without any delay.  You should be cognizant of your company’s valuation.  You have to be sure that the investors’ money is spent in the right way.
  • Usually this happens to be the one part the investors tend to ignore. The way of contacting the customers along with certain aspects like the calculation of success are ignored sometimes.

Your financials should be budgeted in such a way that it paves way to estimate your customer acquisition cost

  • There is the vital aspect of the pitch and many people tend to overlook this part. Or, they do not furnish sufficient information as to why they stand out among the competitors.  You can use efficient strategies to convey your value proposition.
  • Pitching to the investors means that you should pose questions to them by not only doing thorough homework but also doing your best once you stand before them. It is vital to make out the difference between the ideal investor and the one who is not genuine.
  • Investors are generally keener knowing on knowing about the people more than the ideas that you are trying to convey. Give them information as to why your team is the right fit.

Zack Childress is a multifaceted real estate professional and an entrepreneur, and he has held a number of seminars.  One could get a better idea on pitching after listening to his seminars.




Zack Childress Pitching to Investors and Acquiring Funds
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Zack Childress Pitching to Investors and Acquiring Funds
Zack childress - Taking up the position of an entrepreneur, you might have to pitch your business idea. You are pitching your business idea

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