Zack Childress Real Estate Documentation Guidelines and Benefits of Owning an Investment Property

Zack Childress Real Estate Documentation Guidelines and Benefits of Owning an Investment Property

Zack childress real estate basic documents consist of estate plan, will, and financial power of attorney. Estate plan is one of the important aspects of real estate.The purpose of an estate plan is to preserve your wealth and all the funds are transferred to the beneficiaries with minimal cost. The two major categories of estate planning are financial and non-financial. It is a daunting task to nominate the primary beneficiary as people are living nuclear family lifestyle.  Zack complains about the aspiring investors as most of them don’t have primary documents when purchasing an investment property which is one of the biggest blunders. To educate the investors, he is explaining the importance of estate planning in this article.

Zack Childress explains about the documentation for a real estate investment property.

Basic documents

  • Will: The most primary thing is you should have is a will and it must be updated. The lingo should protect the investor from tax exemption.
  • Living will: employ a financial power of attorney for monitoring the financial activities. This document is to inform about your desires in the form of will to your family members.
  • Letter of instructions: it is a very important document which specifies personal desires of a person which is not included in the will. This letter should be opened only when a person in his last stage.

One of the very important things to be noted is the will, retirement accounts, life insurance policy are designated by beneficiary. So in all the documents, the consistency should be maintained.


  • Attorney: The investor should meet the attorney every year or once in three years to check everything is in order or not.
  • Financial adviser: Utilize tax saving opportunities and avoid pitfalls by consulting your financial adviser.

Tax-benefits: Create an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) and charitable trust; these will help you to enjoy tax deductions.

Why investors should choose the first investment as a rental property?

Zack Childress reviews the benefits of an investment property. Rental properties are suitable for long term investment strategies. The cash glow is regular if you receive monthly checks from your tenant. You cannot become rich overnight, but the cash flow will help in becoming rich in a longer run. Return on investment also varies depending on the type of real estate. The factors like down payment, market cycle, interest rates, maintenance cost are to be considered. The yield is important for every investor. Down payments can be paid in chunks with the help of rental payments you receive every month. An investment property offers income tax deductions. The common benefits are insurance premiums, repair cost, property tax, and mortgage interest.

Inflation may affect your savings, so in order to overcome the drawback the home prices are often appreciated but the mortgage payment remains constant. For diversifying your portfolio, including a rental property in addition to the already existing property is a good choice. The thing is the investor should have secured good credit score in order to own multiple properties. In that case, investors can avail FHA loans as down payments aren’t required as well as loans are offered for low-credit investors who are willing to invest on multi-unit family homes. The loans are government-aided and scam free. Each rental property acts as an added advantage to your portfolio and you are eventually building income for your retirement life.  To know more about investment properties and benefits of rental property, browse REI quick cash system.

Zack Childress Real Estate Documentation Guidelines and Benefits of Owning an Investment Property
Zack Childress Real Estate Documentation Guidelines and Benefits of Owning an Investment Property

Zack Childress Real Estate Investing and its Benefits

zack childress real estate investing at present, the number of real estate investors continues to rise continually because many individuals today realized the high earning potential of real estate investing. Real estate properties have very attractive qualities that ensure viable income opportunities. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of real estate investing, start choosing your investments now.</strong >

If you have established long term goals, then you should invest on a certain scale over the long term. For instance, you purchase a real estate property. You need to hold it for a few years so that the home equity is built until it becomes a good or excellent deal. Homeowners benefit a lot from equity because when equity is high, the net worth is also high. Many real estate investors prefer to invest over the long term for this reason.

By purchasing a real estate property, you will also enjoy the tax advantages that come along with it since you now own your investment property. Tax advantages vary depending on the property you purchase. Before engaging in any transaction, you should look into the possible advantages that you can get. Compare various properties and choose the ones that have the highest tax advantages.

Some investors tend to purchase properties and then resell them for a higher price. This type of investment promises high returns. You should consider the time of the purchase and the market condition. Check for the profit margin once you decide to sell the property. There are several factors that you need to consider before you purchase a certain property such as current property sales, upkeep, and renovations.

Can you hold the property for a short period? You should always be prepared because there are times when you can’t easily sold the property you’ve bought. After looking into these factors, you can now determine if a certain property is profitable or not. If the property can be sold quickly, then you will enjoy the benefits that come along with it.

Zack Childress Real Estate Documentation Guidelines and Benefits of Owning an Investment Property

There are real estate investors that become landlords. Some investors purchase properties but they don’t resell them; instead, they lease the property. If the property comes with a mortgage, the investor will need to pay for it but he or she will also receive additional incomes from the rents.

So you see, there are a lot of benefits if you decide to enter the real estate business. To summarize, the benefits are – build equity on the property, tax advantages, high return from reselling properties, and earn additional income by leasing properties.

It doesn’t really matter if you have short term or long term goals. The earning opportunities in real estate investing are really attractive. It’s no wonder why many people are now into the real estate business. If you want to enjoy the same benefits, try to determine if this is the right thing for you. You need to be interested in the purchase of real estate and you need to have adequate capital. To generate capital, you can take advantage of grants provided by governments or you can get capital in other ways.

You should also be familiar with the basics and foundation of real estate investment. Put all these things together and you’re ready to become an investor. Decide where you want to focus and establish your goals. By doing so, you can experience the same benefits enjoyed by other investors.

Zack Childress Making a Healthy Profit Through Real Estate

zack childress-Many people have found that putting money into real estate is one of the choicest methods to get money and acquire wealth and making healthy. After reading through this article you will find why investment in real estate is the best option.

Putting money into real estate is better than purchasing a stock. It is due to the fact that the investor in stocks will yield a return only when the stock increases in value, and when the stock is disposed at the right juncture. But there are many ways through which one can yield valuable returns via real estate.

There are some aspects listed here to understand why investment in real estate is a viable option.

    1. The rental income

Rental income is the chief source of profit investors are eagerly going for.

    1. Buying it for a lower price

There is immediate income if you get to purchase a property for an amount which is under the market value. Also take into account the factors such as foreclosures and immediate disposal. Also, take into account the breathtaking skills in negotiation that you should have.

    1. Selling for a higher price

One can get some added profit if he or she stages the asset such that it is disposed for a better market value. With respect to stocks, one purchases and disposes at the exact market value. In case of the real estate, one can make efforts to overtake the market.

    1. Increasing the equity

If you take up a mortgage to have financial assistance with regard to the rental, the equity soars up with each and every payment of the mortgage.

    1. Renting of smaller units of property

An individual rented three rooms, respectively to three residents. A better income is on the way if you rent the entire property to a single family. The family house could be divided into a duplex or triplex. This could make the rental value shoot up.

    1. Renting the property to businesses

Always, businesses are a different kind of tenancy, and usually the rental values are higher. It is very safe to rent to businesses if you know them well.

    1. Tax advantages on Interest

Going by the country of residence, one many figure out the mortgage interest from the rental income, and make a profit that is free of tax.

    1. Tax benefits on enhancements

Also, one can figure out the cost of the enhancements from the rental income, while extra value to the property can be retained.

  1. Earn a profit from added cash flow on a refinance

If it is feasible for you to refinance the property to mitigate the mortgage bill payments while the rent is the same, you are triggering more cash flow.

One has to understand that there is lesser risk in real estate investment than in stock investment. During times of financial crunch, when people lose their property due to a foreclosure, or when first time purchasers do not get the mortgages from the bank, one will see that there is a steep hike in the amount of renters.

At a point of time, prices of the homes will shoot up, and you can make a safe exit. You can wait until the next crisis befalls the potential renters. You can get back to purchase something at a lower price and dispose at a price which is higher than the market value. All that could be said is that you should purchase at the right time at lower value and rent it out for a higher value. The saying ‘Make Hay while the Sun shines is very true in this context.

If you want the best return, purchase a property for the reasons mentioned in the article. Hope you found this article helpful, keep attuned to Zack Childress real estate strategies to make it big and have a bright career and making healthy.



Zack Childress Real Estate Documentation Guidelines and Benefits of Owning an Investment Property
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Zack Childress Real Estate Documentation Guidelines and Benefits of Owning an Investment Property
Zack childress real estate basic documents consist of estate plan, will, and financial power of attorney. Estate plan is one of the important aspects

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