Zack Childress Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Zack Childress Real Estate Marketing Ideas


Marketing is the most crucial part of any real estate deal. The more effectively your house is marketed, the more easily it moves out of the marketplace. So, when you hire a realtor, hire one who has a fine marketing plan. In this article, Zack Childress, the founder of the co-wholesaling real estate investing system shares his ideas on marketing, with realtors.

Don’t just list the features of the home but make it more appealing

By just indexing and describing the square footage, rooms, exterior and neighborhood, you are projecting the home in an uninteresting fashion. But when you weave stories into it, you are actually bringing out the true experience of living in the home. For example:” instead of saying the neighborhood is a peaceful place all quite and calm” say something like “looking to get away from the clamor of the city? Then this is the most suited property for you. Don’t miss the chance of settling in this pleasant neighborhood with more silence and less noise”. Make it more attractive to the reader.

Employ a writer to compose the listings

It’s not just enough to have super videos and photos of the home in today’s competitive real estate scenario but also attractive content to go with it. A content writer will do the job for you. They can weave stories into those tedious and boring listings and make the romance of the home to shine out.  Realtors often make the mistake of not hiring professional content writers to take care of the listing content and instead do it themselves. This is not a good idea since writers can be engaged at an affordable price.

Create and retain online relationships

Youcan communicate with past, present and future clients through email newsletters. You can create your own email newsletters through platforms like Emma and MailChimp. You can give information on open houses, listings, speeches, home closings and so on through this. Apart from this, social media can be used to build and sustain relationships.

Conduct open houses and give deadlines

Show your home during open houses. This enables more potential buyers to see your home at the same time. Buyers get the feeling that they are not the only ones who are interested in this home and they are on the right track. They then start making higher offers. Also give some deadlines meaning if you have the open house on a Friday, you want all the offers to come in by at least Monday. This instills a sense of importance requiring quick action in the minds of future buyers.


Clean and appealing marketing is what is expected out of your realtor. Before you hire your realtor, make sure to ask him about his market plans and strategies. These marketing ideas given by Zack Childress are extremely good. They will be of utmost use to real estate sellers and agents who want to sell theirs and their client’s homes. Scams about Zack childress are false and baseless and must be ignored completely. He is a wizard in the field of real estate with years of experience.



Zack Childress Real Estate Marketing Ideas
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Zack Childress Real Estate Marketing Ideas
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