Zack Childress on How to Buy a Home in the United States

Zack Childress on How to Buy a Home in the United States

With the boom in the American real estate sector and with markets improving, foreign investors want to invest in real estate property. So what should they know before they buy a property? This has been discussed in yet another analysis by Zack Childress reviews. Now after they gain knowledge on the things they have to know, they can proceed towards a real estate purchase. In this article, Zack Childress,a real estate investor and author, reviews on how a foreigner should buy a home in the United States of America.

Find a good realtor

You should find a good realtor who can guide you properly throughout the entire real estate purchase. The National realtors association lists down realtors who specialize in foreign purchases. Most good realtors are hired through referrals. Referrals are done by word of mouth on many occasions.

Mortgage rules

Lenders are willing to offer loans to foreign buyers but the correct lender must be approached. However, there are not many in number. If you buy a condo in a brand new development, then there are lenders who are ready to offer loans to the international buyers. This is the work of developers who have already tied up with the lenders to offer loans.

Necessities for a mortgage

You must show all the documents like bank statement from the credit institution, 2 forms of identifications and reference letters from their credit institutions. You are expected to pay at least 30% in down cash. The lender needs to verify from where and how much the borrower’s income is? You are expected to produce the visa.

Zack Childress reviews-First meeting with the realtor

When you meet your realtor, get the details about the entire process in the first meeting. Also ask him to explain the differences between your native and the US processes. Knowledge is power so the more you know the more confident you feel about the entire thing.

Name in which the property is purchased

The property can be purchased in your name, domestic or foreign corporation or through any business body. Discuss with your real estate attorney and the accountant as to what effect purchasing the property will have on taxes. The structure through which you buy will be the determiner of the taxes.


You must obtain insurance. Insurance costs are varied based on the size and the state of the home. Lenders will need you to insure your home to avoid any damages from occurring to the home.

Property taxes

Property taxes are applicable to you as another nationality buyer. They depend on the state, county, area and the value of the property.
Zack Childress on How to Buy a Home in the United States
Zack Childress on How to Buy a Home in the United States

Modular homes are similar to conventional homes and are built on a place. But, there is a difference in that, some of the parts of the home are built in a business unit and taken to the site of construction by a truck. The parts are then joined to the home for its completion. A modular home has its own bonuses and weaknesses. In this article, Zack Childress, a real estate investor and mentor, reviews the same.


  • less expensive
  • energy
  • loans
  • environment friendly

Less expensive

Modular homes are less costly as compared to traditional homes. They are built in factories. They don’t face delays due to weather and consignment issues. Also, they have the greatest advantage of having supervisors all the time for ensuring the rapid construction of the home. The lesser the time taken to build a home, the inexpensive it will be.


These homes are being made energy efficient by builders in the recent times. This is to combat the competitive nature of the market. Fixation of solar panels and the usage of LED lighting in these homes conserve energy and save some valuable bucks for you.


Payments for modular homes can be made through down cash initially and then loans. The loan can be obtained easily as the home’s worth increases with time.

Environment friendly

Wastage is minimal and site disturbance is nil. Thus the neighborhoods in which the homes are constructed are not affected by noise pollution. Thus modular homes are environment friendly.


  • you cannot build all that you want in your modular home
  • land cost
  • transportation hazards
  • established regulations can create problems for modular homes buyers
  • limited size

You cannot build all that you want in your modular home:

Modular homes are not versatile in terms of building options. For instance: you can construct anything inside your traditional home but the same is not the case with modular homes.


Zack Childress on How to Buy a Home in the United StatesZack Childress reviews on How to Buy a Home in the United States

Land cost

Modular homes are less expensive to build. But the land on which they stand may cost too much. You may have to shell out a big sum of money finally to purchase both the home and the land. Also, if you buy a land in an undeveloped area, the developmental engineering costs can be very high.

Transportation hazards

There are difficulties in transporting the completed structures onsite. This is time and space consuming. Although there are no unwanted delays, the process of combining the assembled structures with the onsite structure is cumbersome.

Established regulations can create problems for modular homes buyers

Zoning regulations will create hazards for modular home buyers. Plus there is always a fear in the minds of people related to various factors concerning modular homes like the selling issues, home standards etc. This lowers their acceptance in the marketplace.

Limited size

The sizes of rooms can be limited and this is a clear disadvantage for larger families.

You might be out on a venture to purchase the first residence.  There is a whole set of financing options which may bog you down.  Significant research needs to be done to make out the ABCs of property financing.  By allocating time for research, lots of time and bucks could be saved.  Understanding the nature of the vicinity, and whether it is profitable for lenders could enable additional incentives for buyers.  You have to come to terms with how much money you can afford, and acquire a relevant mortgage.

You may be a good planner with regard to management of your finances.  But, when you are on the verge of purchasing the first home, you may be confused.  There are lots of expenditures which need to be dealt with.  There are many jargons here, which could throw you out of balance.  If you are ignorant, you may land in severe trouble. There are the ABCs of finances that a purchaser should be aware of.


Zack Childress reviews on How to Buy a Home in the United States

The Bank Loans

The bank is just like any other business place where the bank officers are diligently giving out their products.  All their attention is on whether you get the products that they keenly want to sell.  When arriving at a decision, you should not solely rely on information and suggestions given out by the bank.

On the first hand, you have to understand that the money that the bank is extending could prove to be a strain on your affordability.  Before stepping into the bank, do a sound research and consult realtors and financial counselors to know what you can best afford.

Make a lump down payment to avoid the unnecessary hassle of getting the bank involved in the scenario.  The more the percentage of down payment is, lesser is the mortgage that you need from the bank.

You need to take up the sole responsibility of maintaining your first home.  You need to spare money for exigencies, or else you are getting into dire straits.

Renovation of residence

Sometimes, renovation can cost a huge amount of money, and you will find yourself near to bankruptcy. So be careful.

The saleability of the residence

You need to understand that sometime in the future, you are to move into a bigger residence with more members in the family.  You will have to carefully scrutinize the resale value, because it is something that appreciates and does not depreciate in value.

Many landmarks in the vicinity add up to the value of the house.  Assure that the neighborhood has access to schools, business outlets and hotels.

The so-called good deals

A deal may appear very smooth, and also very economic.  Those deals might be foreclosed properties, or residences that have been taken by the bank again.  You might have thought that it is all very cheap, but unexpected expenditures spring on you as a surprise. There might be things that need to be set right in the home. And, renovation costs might exceed your affordability.  But, that does not mean that the property has to be ignored.  A thorough analysis and assistance could help you hit the right choice.

Take stock of the situation and the money that you have in your hand.  Do not step into the venture with false beliefs; else you are ruining your prospects.  By understanding the ABCs, your acquisition of first home would happen as a smooth transaction.

Zack Childress, the realty professional has his website through which one can easily navigate.  The articles written by Zack Childress throw light on the scams that are existent in the realty business, and those articles help you avoid becoming victim of a scam.  There are also videos on realty presented by Zack Childress, which have gone viral on the net. His videos and seminars help you in knowing the basics of realty trading.

Most of the real estate customers scan reviews on the web.  The internet is a place that is crowded, and clients want to be perfectly sure that they know more about you before starting to make one of the highest purchases in their lifetime.  As bad luck would have it, reviews are an aspect of marketing and branding which the agents do not retain in their memory.

According to a survey, 88 percent of customer review online ratings to pinpoint the quality of the business in the vicinity.  And as much as 88 percent of customers say they rely on those reviews as much as personal recommendations.  The reliability of other reviewers is as much as 79 percent in 2013.

As the case might be that you do not have poor reviews, none of the reviews can be encouraging as potential clients.  Instead of allowing your online reputation take a bad hit, follow these five simple steps to assist you gather recognition.

How to apply reviews in enhancing the real estate business

  • Be in the scenario and raise questions

It is most likely that clients make the reviews when you request straightaway. Take it up early, particularly before closing, so they make out the importance of giving online feedback.

If you are expecting reviews from past clients instead of getting forward, make a call instead of emailing.  It is easy for the emails to be ignored and it might not be considered seriously if they are automated, and phone calls are particularly personal.  If you remember your clients sincerely, they will be reminded of positive and rewarding relationship you built.

  • Make it very simple

When requesting for reviews, provide some suggestions on what you think to be the highlights.  Else, the clients can be bogged down at the idea of furnishing a supportive statement without knowing what helps you compete.

Be sure to make the communications about your strengths and assets throughout the deal such as:

  1. Local Market Knowledge
  2. Your responsiveness
  3. Educating the buyer

Show the clients what areas you have excelled in.  Making a stream of ideas makes it conducive for clients to make a thoughtful, down to earth and hopefully positive assessment of the business.

  • Be ready with responses

The negative reviews might make it difficult for you to understand.  This is particularly the case when those look like personal attacks.  The worse aspect is that you might feel the relationship was relatively negative till you went through the opposite on the profile.

Keep answers to negative feedbacks acceptable, and request your client to speak with you personally.  Do not forget the clients who understand your hard work and dedication.

Give an answer to positive reviews with a thanking message, and provide your services for buying, selling or renting in the future.

  • Thank Reviewers, and do not bribe them

Thank your clients for taking time to write a review with a small gift for them.  For some of the homeowners, a home goods or gift card is something personal, although you would have done before.

Writing back a review can be difficult, and a small token of appreciation reveals a lot about how much you esteem your client’s time.

  • Make your reviews highlighted

 You can combine reviews with a personal or company website to provide potential clients such that they are in your page.

Those agents with ten or more reviews observe as much three times hike in contracts versus agents who have had no reviews.

  • Stand out amidst the crowd

Real Estate is a business where there is much competition.  So, it is highly recommended that you stand out amidst the crowd.  Allocating 20 minutes a month for review requests from previous clients and giving responses to existing reviews is conducive.  The ratings do not disappear, so it is mandatory to focus on the long term plan and the benefits attained from a positive reputation.

Zack Childress, the multifaceted real estate kingpin, and an entrepreneur has held a number of seminars through which homebuyers can make out the best of the real estate scenario.

Purchasing a home is considered as the one among the five most difficult and stressful times in one’s life. Hence, being aware of the aspects you should avoid, along with what is really important to carry out when shopping for a fresh property, it might come as an aid. Here are some suggestions for purchasers of house.

Do not get trapped in mistakes of exorbitant cost. Here, we have enlisted some of the things that homebuyers should be aware of.

Please check it out:

  • The most efficient dos for the home purchasers

Are you contemplating buying of a new home? Then, it is quite normal that you are overwhelmed. Consider these options to ensure that you heading the right way.

  • Keenly opt for the real estate agent

When making endeavors to make such a vital investment, having a specialist by one’s side is very vital. Resultantly, opting for the agent that meets your requirements, can have a great impact on the result.

  • Take into account all the options

Do not be attached with the first property that you make a visit. One has to consider the other available options on the market to get the best result. Do not hesitate to make the negotiation of the price and choose the one that adheres to your requirements.

  • The painting alone does not matter

The outward appearance of the house is not everything. Get more details about the amenities, the location or the neighborhood. All of these aspects can have an impact on the future lifestyle.

  • The Don’ts that the homebuyers desire to know

A mistake while making the purchase of a property can be devastating. So, take the necessary steps to avoid the following mistakes. Even though these mistakes can be obvious for some, you would be surprised to find out that many people make the mistakes.

  • Do not go for overbidding during a real estate auction

An auction may appear like the best chance for you to make a purchase. Have an eye on the price you are willing to pay and do not go for overbidding. Since there are other enthusiastic buyers, one might be allured to get going with flow. Pay what you can afford.

  • Say No to emotional involvement

Do not lose your hopes if you are failing to purchase the house that you fantasize. The process demands much patience. Stay positive. But, you should not be very much overwhelmed. Celebrate only when nothing else negative happens.

  • Do not give up

It might appear difficult and stressful. But do not give away hopes if this is really what you and your family wants. It might appear like a difficult road; however the final destination is really worth it. Rely on your dreams and convert those to reality.

Taking everything into account, purchasing a house can be a long and difficult process. However, it could be worth it if you do the things right. When you begin searching for a fresh property to purchase, take into account the do’s and don’ts and you will steer clear of wasting time and money. Acquire a real estate agent to take you through the process and the most important thing is that you should enjoy. Even though it can be a demanding period, the result can indeed improve the lifestyle.

Zack Childress, real estate kingpin and an investor in real estate, has innumerous suggestions revealed in his seminars that direct the homebuyers about the do’s and don’ts.

Zack Childress co-wholesaling is useful when his tips are applied at appropriate times. When you do the course on real estate investment, there has to be a practical application to which cannot be taught in any of the learning centers. There are lots of ups and downs in this type of business. However, it is very much rewarding when it clicks.

Home Improvement Scams

There are times when your house becomes old and you would want to do co-wholesaling but people would not be interested in buying the property as it is old and outdated.Home Improvement is an answer for that. However, when you hire someone to do the work, you need to be careful whether the contractor is genuine or whether they want to extract cash from you. The scammers usually target the old and damaged houses. They use low quality roofing materials and cheap paint.

Some of the Do’s and Don’t are as follows

  • Be cautious

    Before you work with that person, take the company information from them and tell them you will get back to them if your services are needed.If the contractor comes without the company vehicle and the phone number, do not even entertain them.

  • Research about the company

    Before hiring the person to do your work, you need to check out the rating and complaint history of surfing about the organization or approaching  the Better Business Bureau.

  • Consult with the people you trust

    If the company has newly started, the best thing is to ask your relatives, friends, neighbors or your legal advisor before proceeding.

  • Find out the contractor’s background

    Background checking is very critical these days to protect yourself from the scams, frauds, thefts & damages. Ask for the proof about company license & bond which provides compensation to the workers in the form of insurance. Additionally, take the references from the previous companies they have worked.

  • Study the contractor’s business card

    Make sure that the contractor’s business card has a complete address & an office telephone number. To be on a safer side, take his mobile number too. You should not trust P.O Box number & answering machine.

  • Get a contract

    Insist on a written contract that has a list of tasks  to be performed, like costs, materials that needs to be used, start date, end date and warranty about products and installation. Read the contract before signing it.

  • Be wise about the payment

    Pay only 25 to 30% as an advance before they start with the work. Do not make the final payment unless the work is satisfactorily completed. Also make sure that you get a lien waiver, stating that payment is being made to subcontractors & supplies. Use either check or credit card for making the payment. Avoid paying by cash.

These are the preventive measures to safeguard yourself from these scams. However, if you become a victim to this scam. Try out the following measures to track them.

  1. Try to track them through the mobile number that they had given you. Also visit their office. If you are not able to find the fraudster, try to locate his residential address.

  2. If you are unable to locate them, you can go to the local police station or Attorney General or the Consumer Federation of America.


This review by Zack Childress is very useful and beneficial to those who want to buy a real estate property in foreign. Zack Childress is a maestro in real estate investing. He has invested in various real estate properties and has earned millions within a short period of time. He also imparts the knowledge gained to many budding real estate investors all over the globe.



























Zack Childress on How to Buy a Home in the United States
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Zack Childress on How to Buy a Home in the United States
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